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Tuesday, August 18th
What? A new comic? And its only been like 8 months? Yes, I finally have Photoshop again, so hopefully the ideas will keep coming. And, hopefully, they'll be better than this one. But what can I say? I haven't done this in over half a year, I'm a bit rusty.

Incidentally, am I the only one who thinks Family Guy just isn't trying anymore? I mean, I've always knew and accepted that it was cheap dumb humor, but at least they used to try to wrap the jokes around a plot. Now if they can't figure out what to do they just break the 4th wall and openly admit their own crappiness (remind you of anyone?). No matter, American Dad has picked up the slack in the story department and its become an honestly good show. And if we still find ourselves wanting random jokes, at least Robot Chicken gives us what we need.

I saw GI Joe. To my amazement it was honestly a fun little movie. Not a cinematic masterpiece by any means but, unlike certain *OTHER* action blockbusters based on toys, GI Joe displayed a fair amount of character development and personality, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Because, if you're gonna do a dumb action movie, at least TRY to make us care about the characters. You hear that, Transformers 2????


Saturday, December 20th
Wow, 7 months that time!

Don't expect a big surge of updates anytime soon, I drop by with a comic when I can but life has other plans for me.

Regarding todays comic, if you don't get the god-awful pun I'm making, watch this video:

One of the reasons I actually bothered to make the comic yesterday was because it was hardcore snowing outside and I was trapped in doors, but if I did the joke about how bad it was snowing, I'd have to make Al say "guilty of being white" and how in the world would that have worked?

So thats that. See you in several months probably. Or possibly never again. Who knows when I'm gonna just totally forget about this thing and never update again!

Its been so long, I'm not even sure if the VOTE! link still works.


Monday, May 19th
Told ya! Ha!



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